About JRM

JRM was founded by Jack R. Mesa (JRM). Jack started his marketing and advertising career in broadcasting with Guy Gannett Publishing as a programming analyst in 1985 with I-95 FM WINZ-FM. Subsequently, moving into various positions with the Paxson Communications Group (now i-Heart Media) as a producer, traffic director, retail promotions director and eventually becoming the South Florida radio promotions and air personality "Cap'n Jack", with Classic Rock Station WZTA 94.9 FM "Zeta-4".


JRM created and produced the syndicated cable show "Rock Music Television" (RMT). This TV series of 1-hour shows featured national music videos and performances recorded live from RMT's "The Downtowner" Riverwalk Restaurant Studio which highlighted local rock & blues artists such as IKO IKO, Little Nicky, Captain Reese and others. The shows were hosted by local radio station personalities including Mike Lyons (WZTA), Kimba (WFLC/WLYF) and Paul Castronovo ( WBGG).


In the late 90's JRM established one of the first web development service bureaus in the Miami-Dade (Apex Wordout Internet Marketing Inc.). As technology advanced, personalized web service bureaus automated template-based applications, which reserved little regards for custom personal touches --which marked the JRM difference. Today, our clients are back to seek that personal custom touch that makes their business stand alone in this competitive digital marketplace.

Today, JRM caters a full marketing menu of conventional digital media marketing and advertising services.


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