A Past for the Present & Future


Founded by Jack R. Mesa

Jack R. Mesa (aka Capt. Jack Mesa) branched out of his radio & television broadcasting career with radio conglomerate Paxson Communications (now iHeart Media) to start JRM Advertising. 

His role as the promotions face behind iconic radio stations in South Florida, brought him into direct personal contact with thousands of listeners, allowing stations to learn more about their core audience composition.  


Personal Service Meets Technology

As we journey through the most technologically advanced digital media era of our generation, an underlying basicremains key; knowing your target audience.

The personal experiences from two decades ago that were used to gauge brand success,  audience loyalty and overall consumer behavior are now a pillar in today's granular targeting marketing ecosystem.


Digital & traditional converge at JRM to offer clients a complete portofolio of branding & direct marketing resources. 

Digital Media is undoubtedly an invaluable channel that must be part of any marketing plan, and JRM's Digital Media staff of experts are among the top in the country.

However, inasmuch as Digital is king, Radio and TV must never be discarded for some advertisers. Although some critics label these mediums dead, the truth of the matter is that conventional broadcast media is still as strong and effective as ever. 

JRM's media buying and optimization services focus on mass reach, exposure and targeting, delivering successful campaign results for a variety of verticals. 

We specialize in traditional mainstream media, such as TV/Cable and Terrestrial Radio. JRM Advertising utilizes the latest data on ratings, consumer listening trends and formats to define schedules that drive brand lift and response. Our national media buying power comes from very strong and solid media relations dating back to the early nineties.

Reach Is Our Business





Hispanic Media Solutions

Our extensive & diverse marketing outreach options allow us to get your message nationally or position you locally in front of the growing Hispanic population, with precision targeting.

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"Learning about your business helps us do ours for you"

-- Jack R. Mesa, Founder

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